CB6000 Employee Management Time Clock.

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The CB6000 is part of the most cost-effective time and attendance system available anywhere! This state-of-the-art time clock connects effortlessly to any network and transmits all data to the Internet, allowing you to perform time and attendance functions from any computer with Internet access. The system allows employees to punch in and out from the CB6000, from a computer, iPhone or Android application, or from a touch tone telephone, as determined by the system administrator.

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  • Gain insights towards cost-effective scheduling with real-time overtime alerts when employees approach or meet overtime
  • Streamline the payroll process when employees clock in or out with a swipe of the RFID card, sending real-time punches to the cloud
  • Save time at the clock and use automatic deductions in place of punching for break or lunch
  • Enforce the rules at the time clock by automating policies such as lockouts, shifts, and more
  • Eliminate needless back and forth when employees request time off directly from the device
  • Empower your employees to check hours worked, and view benefit accruals from the time clock
  • Affordable monthly subscription required and includes lifetime free replacements and unlimited access to customer support 7 days a week
  • Subscription Require.

 Package Includes:

  • 1 x Employment Time Clock
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