BUKA Gym weigth Lifting Head Harness Nylon Straps Fitness Exercise Belt

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A head harness is often used by weightlifters, bodybuilders, and other athletes to strengthen and define the muscles of the neck. Typically made of leather or nylon, this piece of exercise equipment is used in conjunction with free weight plates and can weigh up to 80 KG. Routine use of a head harness can build muscle mass as well as strengthen neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles.

Color: Black


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  • Deluxe quality nylon straps head harness, Extra wide support for added comfort
  • Extra hooks designed to carry more weight while exercising ( Two Straps on both sides, one strap one front, and one back )
  • Essential tool for neck developing exercise, Superior saddle stitching throughout.
  • Fully adjustable heavy duty metal chain included, Tested for strength and endurance.

Package Includes:               

  • 1 *  Neck/Head Weight Harness


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