Bluetooth Speakerphone - M2 Max Professional Conference Speaker.

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eMeet is a professional speakerphone maker, who always strive to make conferences simple. For professional situations solution, eMeet brings M2 Max to the market. M2 Max is the speakerphone with the best function and performance. Stunning voice pickup performance and sound quality provide a solution for professional meetings with up to 12 attendees (daisy chain for more). eMeet M2 Max has a big size and 4 professional audio level microphones. It supports meetings up to 12 attendees (daisy chain for more). With these features, M2 Max has a wide voice pickup area, being your great companion in meetings. With the help of an 89dB & 5W speaker, which produces high amplitude sound waves to cover larger audience in the meeting room, you could easily let attendees to hear louder sound, bringing people great aural experience.


  • 4 Professional Audio Level Microphones: eMeet M2 Max supports meetings with 1-12 attendees. It comes with 4 Ø10 directional microphones, whose sampling rate could reach 48KHz, which is often used in movies, DVD and professional audios, meeting users’ HD voice requests. Volume changes and voice could be recorded more finely, leading to a new level of voice pickup. M2 Max conference room omnidirectional microphone provides users stunning voice transmission to the utmost extent.
  • Daisy Chain & Loud Speaker for Wider Using Scope: Daisy chain two computer speakers with microphone to achieve a wider scope of voice pickup and transmission by using a special daisy chain cable. After daisy chain and with the help of an 89dB & 5W speaker, you could easily let up to 20 attendees or so in a meeting room to hear louder voices, bringing people great aural experience. This speakerphone for conference calls is definitely a great choice for elites in meetings.
  • VoiceIA & Rubber Insulator for Noise Cancellation: Besides the unique voiceIA noise reduction technology on 4 mics, which could eliminate common office noise, such as mouse clicking, typing noise, paper noise and etc., this USB speakerphone has rubber vibration insulator to cut down vibrations. Both the speaker and the microphones have three levels of internal isolation to avoid noises such as collision sound, stopping any remaining vibration transmissions and enhance voice quality.
  • 2 Bluetooth Devices at Once & Personalization: This Bluetooth speakerphone could support users to connect 2 Bluetooth phones at once or 1 Bluetooth PC/mobile phone and 1 dongle with M2 Max. Without being tired of switching, you could save you time and allow all attendees to enjoy immersive meetings. Meanwhile, eMeet Link offers users better personalization in renaming BT, setting standby time so that it wouldn’t turn off, update product firmware&software, turning on/off the DOA light and etc.
  • Multiple Connection Methods & High Compatibility: USB, Bluetooth, AUX, Dongle Connection are all your choices. When connected through USB, Bluetooth conference speaker can be turned on automatically, offering users better using experience. It is also compatible with various platforms, including Zoom, Skype for Business, WebEx, Goto Meeting, Google Hangout, Facetime and etc. No matter Win7/8/10 or Mac OS could be easily connected with this conference speaker and microphone.

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