Basics Polycarbonate Extra Large Chair Mat For Hard Floors

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Excellent clear protection around desk and computer workstation flooring from chair caster or wheel based chair damage. Easy to clean, no chemicals needed for best result

Color: Clear


  • Polycarbonate protectors provides a high impact resistant, easy glide rolling surface and will not curl, cup or flex on hard floor surfaces. Designed for hardwood, tile, laminate, linoleum, concrete, and other hard-floor surfaces
  • Incredibly durable and hard wearing for long-life protection from scratches, scuffs, and other everyday wear. Polycarbonate will instantly flatten and stays flat in use, Unlike some other plastic such as vinyl
  • Smooth backing for hard floors. Lightly textured top surface for controlled chair movement. Free of phthalates, tin, lead and cadmium for peace of mind. No emissions. No odor. Not for use on carpet flooring
  • 59" x 79" extra large rectangular mat


Package  Includes

  • 1 x Office Chair Mat