Bamboo Steamer Basket Set 10 Inch 2-Tier Food Steamer

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The steamer basket, your perfect tool to make easy home meals. Includes 2 pairs of chopsticks and 50 bamboo steamer liner. Serve everyday meals directly in our Asian food steamer!


  • ✅FAST COOKING – You can basically steam any food separately but simultaneously with the 2-tier 10-inch stackable bamboo basket. Spend less time cooking but more time enjoying your meals!
  • ✅HEALTHY NUTRITIOUS FOOD – Steaming retains the most minerals and vitamins while makes your veggies taste even better! Choose healthy steam cooking with less fat and oil for you and your family!
  • ✅RUST FREE and DISHWASHER FRIENDLY - Easy to clean! Crafted with premium material, a simple wipe after steaming will do the job. The wok adapter ring ring is dishwasher friendly, sturdy and durable.
  • ✅COMMERCIAL GRADE - Built to last, with your safety in mind! Our bamboo steamer ring is made of 304 stainless steel with a glossy finishing, perfectly compatible with your bamboo steamers!

Packages Includes:

  • 1*Food Steamer
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