Alamata Premium Leg Stretcher Band for Plantar Fasciitis, Calf Stretcher for Heel Spurs

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The ALAMATA leg stretcher band is good for your blood circulation by stretching the plantar fascia and leg muscles. It Reduces the pain in your calf, thighs, foot, and heel. Assists in the treatment of the hip and low back strains and injuries.

Color: Black


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  • UNIVERSAL USE: ALAMATA leg stretcher band is ideal for everyone, including Athletes, Dancers, Yogi, people in physical therapy, and generally–everyone, regardless of your sex, age, height, weight, etc…
  • ALL-IN-ONE: ALAMATA leg stretcher band helps you to stretch many of your muscles, including (but not limited to): Calves, Hamstrings, Glutes, Quads, Lower Back, Thighs, and other muscles of your Lower Body.
  • COMFORT: ALAMATA leg stretcher band suits any size of a foot, ensuring great fit and comfort while exercising.
  • DURABILITY & USER-FRIENDLY: ALAMATA leg stretcher band made of durable and strong material assures multiple and frequent uses by any person. The unique design makes it very portable and easy to carry anywhere you go.
  • PROMOTE PHYSICAL HEALTH: ALAMATA leg stretcher band Stretching can provide a game-changing solution for the strength and flexibility of your lower body, including foot, heel, hamstring, thigh, and calf by using it regularly before, during, or after your fitness session. Regular and frequent use of ALAMATA leg stretcher band contributes to your leg mobility, stability, and physical therapy/rehabilitation, and generally promotes overall physical well-being

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  • 1 *  Leg Stretcher Machine
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