Acupressure Body Mat and Pillow Set with Bonus Mini Mat for rigger Point Massage

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This manual massage kit offers the additional bonus of deep tissue massage that can help with plantar fasciitis, neck massage, migraine relief, and muscle pain. Each acupressure pad works as both a back pillow, a muscle massager, and a back stretcher and can be used for relaxation or during meditation and yoga. Each kit comes with a mini travel pad that can be used for things like a hand and neck massager.

  • ALL-INCLUSIVE SET: This isn’t your typical acupressure massage mat - our complete acupressure set includes a large mat with carry straps, a convenient mini-mat and an ergonomic, tension relieving neck and back pillow. This unique three piece massage set delivers the ultimate acupressure experience for you to enjoy inside or outside of your home -No need for those expensive weekly physio sessions!
  • UNLIMITED BENEFITS: The spiked pressure point mats mimic acupressure therapy which offers amazing benefits that include but are not limited to: Headache relief, improved sleep, knotted muscles, cellulite massage, lower back massage, restless legs syndrome relief and improved circulation. The extensive list of benefits is all the more impressive knowing that the use of acupressure is completely holistic and a great natural way to help the body heal itself, reducing the need for pharmaceuticals.
  • GOOD FOR THE BODY: Each foam mat promises unrelenting utility and quality with the large mat featuring button-down carry straps for ultimate convenience. These sets are made of 100% organic cotton, BPA-free plastic spikes, and are hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. The zip feature also doesn't hold in bacteria like other mats (which use velcro to enclose the foam inner!) so you can feel great knowing that the mat won't be harbouring any unwanted nasties!
  • GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: The Dakini Wellness holistic, self-healing acupressure mat and pillow set was engineered using earth friendly materials. We work together with OneTreePlanted by planting new trees to support the planet and fight climate change, this means every purchase you make from us goes towards providing a brighter future for the beautiful world we live in!
  • THE PERFECT GIFT SET: These relaxation gifts for women and men are perfect for special occasions like Mother’s Day, Father's Day, birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and Christmas. What to get the person who has everything? Or someone who's always complaining about being sore or not getting good sleep? Dakini Wellness' Acupressure Set will certainly be a thoughtful, unusual gift that the reciever will no doubt fall in love with!


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Massage mat and Pillow Set Mini mat
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