25255RE2 2-Line Phone System with Digital Answering System

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  • RCA 25255RE2 2-Line Phone System
    Easily jumpstart your wireless phone system at home or in the office with the RCA 25255RE2 2-Line Phone System. This set consists of a corded desk phone and cordless handset. The deskset acts as a base station and can be wirelessly connected with other RCA 2-line phones. You can add 25260 wireless desksets, 25055RE1 handsets, or 25065RE1 headsets on the base station. The 25255RE2 landline telephone comes with an Integrated Digital Answering System. You or an incoming caller can record up to 30 minutes of memos. Both deskset and the cordless handset support 3-way/4-way conferencing, intercom paging, and Call Waiting Caller ID. *NOTE: You need to subscribe to your Network Service provider's Call Waiting CID service to access the name/number information display.


  • EXPAND YOUR 2-LINE PHONE SYSTEM - The RCA 25255RE2 consists of a corded full-duplex speakerphone and a cordless handset. You can connect additional RCA 25260 wireless desksets, 25055RE1 handsets, and 25065RE1 headsets on 25255RE2's base station.
  • ENSURES STABLE SIGNAL CONNECTION - These phones are compliant with the interference-free DECT 6.0 standard. Even if the handset is 900-FT away from the base, you're still able to receive calls without dropouts.
  • OFFERS A DIGITAL ANSWERER AND 3-WAY CONFERENCING - Incoming callers can record up to 30-minutes of message on the 25255RE2 base. You can also hold a 3-way conference call by an intercom or with 2 lines. If you have more extension units, you can hold 4-way conferencing by Line 1 + Line 2 + 2 extensions.
  • SUPPORTS CALL WAITING/CALLER ID SERVICE - If you're subscribed to your Network Service provider's Call Waiting CID Service you can receive CID name/number information on both desk phone and handset.
  • INCLUDES - RCA 25255RE2 2-Line Phone System (Corded Deskset and Cordless Handset); 2-Line Telephone Cords; Short Line Cord; Handset Charging Cradle; AC Power Adapters for Base and Chargers; Belt Clip. 6-Pack of Blucoil 1.5V AAA Alkaline Batteries.

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