12 Piece Aluminum Garden Tools Set, Gardening Apron with Storage Pocket

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Heavy Duty SK-5 Pruning Shears:This Garden tools set contains 12 pieces high quality Gardening tools. Gardening pruners blades are Made of high Carbon SK-5 Steel.
Perfect for all your garden needs:Trowel for digging, a Weeder for weeding, a RAKE loosening soil, a SPADE for transplanting and a Cultivator for aerating soil.
Waterproof Gardening Apron and Kneeling Pad: Keep your gardening supplies and accessories close at hand.
Comfortable To Use:All the garden tools include in this gardening set are ergonomically engineered. The soft-grip handles with excellent anti-slip performance.

  • Type: Knives,Fork,Spade,Shovel,Gloves
  • Brand Name: XMSJ
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: NONE
  • Application: Garden Tool Set

  • Features   

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    • 12 Pieces Gardening Tool Set 1 x SK-5 Pruning Shears Size: 9 * 3". Weight: 7.58oz. Material: SK-5 carbon steel. Usage: Trimming & cutting weeds around plants 1 x Stainless Snip Size: 8 * 2". Weight: 4oz. Material: Stainless Usage: Ideal for the precisely trimming and shaping of flowers and small plants
    • 1 x Trowel Size: 12 * 2.5". Weight: 6.24oz. Material: Aluminum. Usage: Digging or turning up soil; includes measurement indicators for depth 1 x Cultivator Size: 11.7 * 2.8". Weight: 6.98oz. Material: Aluminum. Usage: Loosening & aerating soil before planting; mixing soil with fertilizer
    • 1 x hand Rake Size: 12 * 3". Weight: 8.11oz. Material: Aluminum. Usage: Smoothing soil; breaking up lumps of dirt 1 x Weeder Size: 13.5 * 1.5". Weight: 6.77 oz. Material: Aluminum. Usage: Loosening & digging up weeds from soil
    • 1 x Spray Bottle. Material: Plastic. Capacity: 25oz. Usage: Misting plant leaves and flowers Tote Bag. Material: Polyester with PVC protective coating. Size: 23.6 x 11.8 in. Care: Handwash and air dry
    • Features: High Quality SK-5 Pruning Shears Ergonomic design of handles. Soft-touch grips for hand tools. Light weight. Rust-resistant. Waterproof Garden Apron.

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    12 Piece Aluminum Garden Tools Set

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