110 LB x 0.1oz (1g) Precision Digital Scale Postal Shipping Scale Stainless Steel.

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SF-801 is a full-size multifunctional desktop shipping scale. SF-801 distinguishes itself from other similar postal scales with its large base and stainless platform, parts counting function, 0.1oz/1g accuracy, and low starting weight (~5g).

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  • HIGHER CAPACITY AND PRECISION - The scale is equipped with a high precision strain gauge sensor and excellent load cell and weighs up to 110 lbs in 0.1 oz graduation. It can meet all your needs from a first-class package to parcel packages
  • CONVERTIBLE WEIGHING UNITS - This new compact and light weight shipping postal scale can weigh in 4 real-time convertible measuring units: lb, oz , Kg:g, lb:oz; Piece counting function for determining quantities of identical items is available
  • EXTRA LARGE LCD DISPLAY - The extra large LCD display with backlight allows to see readings clearly
  • CALIBRATION - Factory multiple key points pre-calibrated and tested. User accessible external calibration function
  • TARE AND HOLD FUNCTION - Shipping postal scale features tare function which allows to zero out the number for multi-packages purpose. Or use the tare weighing option to subtract the weight of an empty box or container for net weight determination. Hold function allows to lock the number after you take the package off the platform. Especially useful for over-sized package

 Package Includes:

  • 1 x Measuring Scale